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Can I Create Life After I’m Gone?

About the technology that enables continuity after death. Should a dead man’s sperm be used for reproduction? Or perhaps the eggs of a dead woman? Do we have the moral right to do such a thing if the mother/father are not present when the new family is created? Is this a question of respect for the dead? What about the children that will be born as a result? What is the power of the need for life and continuity? Are we giving hope after death strikes? Are we sanctifying life or perhaps death?

Government and Love

Do we still need a Rabbi, clerk or police officer to settle our intimate relationship with the one our heart chose? With all the drama in today’s and in the future relationship world, is monogamy losing its power? Will same-sex marriage change the structure of the heterosexual family? Are reasons to get married changing the way relationships and families are shaping?

Family and Science

About technological, cultural and legal changes in the shape of the new family; the wish to start a family still echoes in the hearts and minds of people who are willing to undergo tremendous strife to realize this human right. The new family is the present and the future of the family landscape shaping right in front of our eyes.

Want to Generate Change? Don’t go out to demonstrate

Can policy be changed by taking the streets or perhaps it is personal change on a wider scale that could create a more significant impact? It seems that in the current era, when the individual is empowered by social media, thus participating in more meaningful one-to-many conversations, the “small” personal change echoes further and wider. The use of language and new tools for communication with one’s surroundings combined with the legal products that I’ve invented create an entirely new reality.

The History of the New Family

Where we were before, where we are today, and where we are heading towards in the future. New Family Organization was established in 1998 with the purpose of increasing public awareness of the existence of new families; those who don’t fall under the definition of “normal” and to enable them to live as equals amongst equals. This spark hit a nerve that generated a tidal wave of interest which concluded that the new families ARE the norm; they are a minority that is here to stay and can no longer be ignored. Court rulings, legislation amendments, and a profound cultural change in perception have made the organization into one of the most influential in its field and has positioned the person leading it as a key figure in this movement of social, familial and personal change.