In god's garden

In god's garden

In God’s Garden is not just the writer’s personal story but in fact the story of an entire society and its true heroes, who’s super-human powers enable our continuity.

modan publishing 2016

“This was the first time I had felt like I could dictate my wishes to the world instead of yielding to it. I haven’t smiled in three months. And now, when I know that I’ve won, I can really die in peace.”

A’s words to Adv

Those were A’s words to Adv. Irit Rosenblum while making his Biological Will prior to his death.
Can a baby be born to an already-deceased person? Can the world contain love that is forbidden by religion? Can a social change begin in people’s own personal actions and what is our place in the revolution?
One cannot remain indifferent to the life’s work of Adv. Irit Rosenblum, whom for the last two decades has been generating and leading one of the most important social and legal revolutions in the family sphere. The exciting vision depicted in this book clearly expresses a new, multidisciplinary philosophical approach. This is a true example of how dreams are made into reality and how in fact, hope is all but not lost.